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My Webpage! Believe it or Snot....

Railroad Hotspots
Favorite Videos/DVDs
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I joined because I felt like it. It was jsut another addition to my four other homepages. Wanted to start a fifth. Plus, my mom joined, so I felt like doing it. Enjoy!!!

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: The Troggs
Favorite TV show: Invasion
Favorite movie: War of the Worlds
Favorite book: CSX Diesel Roster Guide--James Kerr
Favorite sports team: Who needs 'em?
Favorite food: Double Chesseburger, Plain with fries and a coke!

My Hobbies

Railfanning, Model Railroading, train photography, filming, and Mapping....

Favorite Links

Railroad Picture Archives. NET

Train Order Pix


Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at: